SME Bank designs program to increase number of indigenous exporters

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Helping SMEs thrive has always been in the heart of the SME Bank as manifested in the initiative it has developed to support the Malaysian Government’s agenda in raising the number of Bumiputera SME exporters and as a strategy to help the country’s economic development.

SME Bank has designed and developed the “Best Exporter Program” (BEP) to increase exports among Bumiputera (indigenous) SMEs in targeted sectors (except food and beverages) by raising competitiveness of manufacturers, encouraging product diversification, and amplifying export promotion in high-potential markets.

After nine (9) months of roll out of the program, a total of 46 companies with high export potential have been approved on board. As at January 2017, while being onboard, seven (7) of the participants have been granted financing facilities amounting RM6.75 million.

To ensure the success of every participant, a dedicated team known as ‘Trade Accelerator’ (TA) was established to serve as a mentor assigned to every participants. TA comprises of retired civil servants (mostly trade commissioners) who had served the government for more than 15 years. As for now, BEP engages 17 dedicated TAs with vast experiences on export procedures and processes.

SME Bank’s “Best Exporter Program” won the 2016 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Award under the Trade Development Category.

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