Valuing human capital the PNB way

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Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNB) knows the value of human capital for a business to thrive.  Hence, it developed the “Talent Management Program” (TMP) as part of its competency framework to continuously enhance the competency, capability, and professional capacities of its staff. The program is composed of two major parts – the Certified Training Professional (CTP) Program for PNS staff as well as the Scholarship Program for PNS staff to further their studies. The CTP is being offered in collaboration with the Institute of Professional Managers, UK (IPMA).  A successful participant of the CTP is being awarded a certificate upon satisfactorily completing a five-module competency-based skills development program that lasts for five days and the submission of a set of required certification reports indicating the demonstration and application of the set of training competencies in an actual work-related setting within 45-day post-training assessment period. To date, there are already 20 selected PNS staff who have completed the CTP program and have been certified as training professionals by IPMA, UK.  In 2013, these certified trainers have successfully conducted 17 franchise related training programs organized by PNS Academy with 251 participants. Aside from the training programs they have conducted internally for PNS, they were also invited to conduct over 60 external training programs and speaking engagements with attendance of more than 7,000 participants. For the scholarship component of the TMP, the Bank has awarded scholarship studies to 43 staff. Continuous development of its staff in terms of knowledge, skills and competency has always been a paramount priority to PNS.  In 2014, the staff has been further encouraged not to limit themselves to universities’ post-graduate programs but also to obtain professional certification related to their skills and job scope. PNB’s “Talent Management Program” was the winner of the ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Award in 2014 under the Human Capital Development category.


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