SCC’s CSR program now includes senior citizens

Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC)’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program which started in 2005, has been extended to retirees and senior citizens within and outside the Penampang area. It started with about 30 participants and today it has grown to averaging 70 participants, the oldest being 83 years old. The program for these retirees and senior citizens is held every Wednesday at 9:00 am in SCC Mini Hall. The program starts with registration of participants followed by the blood pressure checking, exercising/dancing, singing, talk and finally network/social refreshment. It is managed by the Corporate & Training Department and run by the staff of SCC. SCC also selects some of its staffs to participate in this program on rotation basis.

This program is funded through an annual injection of 5% of SCC’s profit before tax. Other groups assisted by the program are women, children and the less fortunate, particularly in the rural area of Sabah. To date, there are about 28 districts benefiting from this program in the form of infrastructure development such as rural school hostels, rural clinic, orphanages, center for single women and many more. This program also contributed medical equipment to hospitals such as dialysis machine and other forms of contribution and maintenance.