SME Knowledge Center Survey Questionnaire

Pilot SME Finance and Knowledge Center in the Asia-Pacific Region

Your Association, ADFIAP, in cooperation with the Geneva-based U.N. agency, the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Institute of International Trade and Development (ITD) of Thailand, is proposing the establishment of a two-tiered “Pilot SME Finance and Knowledge Center” (Regional and National Centers) in the Asia Pacific Region with the overall objective of facilitating SMEs’ access to finance from financial institutions such as DFIs and commercial banks. The proposed Center is envisioned to be a leading and empowering Center of Excellence for SMEs.

As an ADFIAP member institution, may we request you to assist us in generating baseline information specific to your country and institution by accomplishing this questionnaire. Your cooperation will help us finalize the project document to be used for grant application.


1. Do you have an established SME Center/s in your country? YesNo
(Note: An SME Center is one which is a one-stop support shop for SMEs.)
If Yes, please indicate the name of the Center/s and their contact details or website.
Number of Centers   Average No. of years in Operation
2. If Yes, what are the services offered by the Center?
Education & TrainingTechnology & Product DevelopmentBusiness Opportunity & Market Dev.Public Sector LinkageBusiness IncubationAssistance in Access to FinanceGovernanceAdvocacy & International CooperationTrade Fairs & ExhibitionInvestment PromotionsManagement Information System & Information Desk
3. Who Operates the Center?
Private SectoreNational Government AgencySchools/UniversitiesLocal Government UnitNGO
4. Who finances the operations of the center?
Internally-generatedGovernmentInternational Funding AgenciesPrivate Sector
5. Does the Center have existing partnership with financing institutions to assist SMEs in the its access to finance?
6. Is the Center staffed by regular manpower who are technically-equipped to manage the Center?
7. Please check your overall assessment on the performance of SME Centers in your Country. performance:
ExcellentVery GoodSatisfactoryPoor
8. Are there existing Service Providers (government or privately-owned agencies, training institutes or universities) which provide support services to SMEs on a stand-alone basis?

If yes, kindly indicate the name of the Service Provider rendering the following services:

Business Counseling
Skills and Entrepreneurial Training
Product Design and Development
Appropriate Technologies
9. Does the Center have existing cooperation arrangements with other agencies in the delivery of services to SMEs? YesNo


10. Are there existing training institutes or universities which provide the following courses for SMEs?
If yes, kindly indicate the name of the Training Institutes rendering the following services:

Business Technology and Livelihood Skills
General Management
Human Resources
Basic accounting and financial statement analysis
Business communication skills
Basic computer skills
How to Approach Banks
Business Strategy, Planning & Management
Specialized Courses
International Trade
Good Governance (Business Ethics and Culture)
Corporate Social Responsibility
Women Empowerment
Environmental Courses


11. Are there existing laws/policies governing SMEs in your country?
If yes, kindly indicate the title of the laws/policies as categorized below:

Fiscal and Monetary policies governing SMEs
Promotion and Development of SMEs
SME Export Promotion
Women Entrepreneurship
Environment/Climate Change Adaptation for SMEs


12. Does your institution have a special lending facility for SMEs? YesNo
13. Do you have an institutionalized risk mitigation scheme for lending to SMEs? YesNo
14. In lending to SMEs, do you employ: Collateral-based LendingCashflow-based Lending
15. Does your institution have a credit rating system? YesNo
If Yes, do you use this as a basis for
Approval? YesNo
Pricing? YesNo
Monitoring? YesNo

We appreciate receiving the accomplished questionnaire on or before March 22, 2010. Your cooperation in this regard will be highly- appreciated.

Thank you for supporting the initiatives of your Association.

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