EPF champions social and economic development

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The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) of Nepal is not only managing the provident fund on behalf of the Government of Nepal, but also a champion and contributor of the country’s social and national economic development. The Fund has been contributing to the country’s development in many fronts like infrastructure, tourism development, housing development, education, hotel, etc.

Some of the projects that the Fund has been supporting are in the following sectors: hydropower in which it has committed Rs30 billion; housing where the Fund initiated a low-cost housing scheme for its members; tourism in which EPF it provides loan for the purchase of aircraft for the Nepal Airline Corporation; education where it finances the educational needs of its members and their families; and social security benefits. EPF, for many years, has been a pillar of Nepal’s social and economic development.

EPF’s “Various Projects for National Economic Development” won the 2018 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Awards, under the infrastructure development category.

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