International Conference on Greening Financial Institutions

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Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
Date: October 5-6, 2010- Note: Re-scheduled. Date will be announced.

ADFIAP and Etech Germany jointly organized a 2 Day International Conference on Greening Financial Institutions which is being supported and under the auspices of the World Federation of Development Financing Institutions (WFDFI) on October 5– 6, 2010 in the “green” city of Karlsruhe, Germany. This event will bring together senior executives of Development Finance Institutions, SME & Micro Finance Banks, Commercial Banks and other financial sector executives, academia, economists, sustainable development practitioners, representatives of international development agencies and other relevant stakeholders to discuss key emerging issues including: climate change and the emergence of the green economy; how is the transformation from high to low carbon and sustainable economy impacting financial sector; and effective initiatives needed to prepare financial institutions for the next economy – the green economy.

Further to the knowledge sharing on greening financial institutions; the upcoming conference also provides an excellent networking opportunity with members of financial community, international agencies, governmental and non-governmental institutions, academia, sustainable development practitioners and other relevant stakeholders in Europe and beyond.

You are cordially invited to attend this international event and/ or nominate the member(s) of your institution. For further information, please see the event details at this link,

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