Loan Officership Program (LOP)

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Loan Officership Program (LOP)

The quality of a financial institution’s portfolio largely reflects the degree of quality of the lending officer’s performance in his assigned role. He has a pivotal role in attracting desirable clients and in undertaking credit initiation, loan evaluation and portfolio management through the quality of financial expertise offered to the market.

The growing sophistication of financial products and services and the dynamic needs of bank clients has transformed the role of the lending officer to that of a financial management consultant and a financial engineer to his client. This role demands not only a holistic handle of the credit cycle but also more rigorous knowledge in the technical fields of accounting, development finance, green banking, value chain finance, risk-based/cash flow lending, factoring, credit and environmental risk assessment and management, fund sourcing, money market and trust operations. It also necessitates a thorough understanding of the client’s business within its competitive environment and of the capability of its management to influence the company’s future progress.

The Loan Officership Program is a rigorous, intense and practical training program designed to level up the skills of lending officers through experiential learning, hands-on exercises and case studies so they can make well-informed credit decisions.

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