USAID’s ECO-Asia, ADFIAP launch water finance project

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The United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Environmental Cooperation Asia (ECO-Asia) program is funding a regional water strategy with ADFIAP. The ECO-Asia-ADFIAP project will develop business models for banks and other financial institutions for the water sector in Asia.

While water is recognized to be a critical resource and sanitation a crucial concern, the supply of drinkable water and adequate sanitation facilities have been mainly limited to urban areas. Typically, the rural and urban poor areas in developing countries lack water and sanitation facilities. Filling this gap requires among other things, significant increases of public and private investments in the water sector.

USAID’s Eco-Asia program promotes regional environmental cooperation by demonstrating best practices & strengthening regional institutions and networks.

The one-year project’s activities will include research on existing lending facilities to the water sector, identification of information gaps and risks that deter lending to the water sector, and documentation of successful small water businesses in rural and urban poor areas in the region. The initial results of the study will then be presented in a Regional Water Financing Workshop to be held in Manila in November this year.

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