Craig Ryan, Director, Social Enterprise Business Development Bank of Canada

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1. From your perspective, why do you think the SDGs are important for DFIs as a way

The SDGs give us essential focus: a comprehensive, precise roster of the goals against which we should judge the success of DFI efforts.

2. From where your institution operates, how do you think these SDGs will impact inclusive
development in your country through your DFI?

Most of the many Canadian organizations that strive to help achieve the goals contained in the SDGs do not, as yet, generally use or cite them as a reference. That said, they have significant potential to rally Canadians’ minds and energies to boost inclusive development.

3. What projects have your institution financed / supported that are in line with the SDGs?
(e.g., in the areas of poverty reduction, clean energy, sustainable cities and communities,
responsible consumption and production, clean water and sanitation, etc.). Please list as many
specific projects as possible.

Everything BDC does supports, directly or indirectly, one of the SDGs. Our most powerful contribution by far is financing and advice to 40,000+ entrepreneurs who create economic opportunity across the country with their small and medium-sized businesses. Our support for aboriginal businesses helps members of a historically disadvantaged population grow prosperity in their communities. Our investments in clean tech are facilitating the private sector’s contribution the meeting the challenge of climate change. Our efforts to support women entrepreneurs help ensure that their entrepreneurialism benefits from the support it merits. And our support for social entrepreneurs is helping spread a powerfully disruptive idea and practice: that business can create broad societal value as well as money.

4. Please provide additional insights or suggestions for ADFIAP to undertake in relation to
DFIs and SDGs.

We DFIs might consider using the SDGs as starting point in measuring and communicating the outcomes of our efforts.

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