“CEO Insights” – an ADFIAP publication on thought leadership in development finance

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1. Your Philosophy of Development Finance (in the context of your work experience and as CEO of your institution)

For us at Plantersbank, development finance consists in double bottom line banking which is creating a positive social impact while sustaining its growth and profitability as a business entity. And this we do by serving the needs of SMEs which account for 90% of the country’s registered business enterprises, contribute 25% to gross domestic product and employ over 50% of the labor force. As SMEs play a critical role as catalyst of growth and development, we believe that by dedicating our resources and organization to serving their needs we do not only grow small businesses but help build a nation.

2. The Current Role of Development Finance in Sustainable Development (in the context of your institution’s current mission and mandate)

Development finance plays a crucial role in sustainable development, particularly in underdeveloped economies which lack both capital and technology to effectively compete in the globalized business environment. As the so-called ” trickle down” approach to development has apparently not succeeded in reducing poverty worldwide, countryside development finance could now provide the needed boost.

3. The Future Role of Development Finance in Sustainable Development (your perspectives on your institution’s strategic direction and role in fulfilling its mission and mandate)

In the future, development finance should continue to focus on the underserved sectors of the economy, including SMEs and agriculture.

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