LANDBANK President and CEO Gilda E. Pico Testimonial

On behalf of the LANDBANK family, I would like to thank the ADFIAP for the award conferred on the Land Bank of the Philippines last April. We consider it an honor to be among the league of internationally acclaimed development partners working together to empower communities and advance sustainable development.

The award we received is an affirmation of LANDBANK’s continuing efforts to strengthen rural economies thru credit and technical support which we extend to major players in countryside development. This helps fuel businesses, generate jobs and promote an environment that is conducive for economic growth.

We recognize that promoting the rural economy and sustainable development as a whole is a tall order even for organizations like LANDBANK. We thus turn to our development partners like the LGUs which are at the forefront of delivering basic services. Over the years, we have maintained a strong and solid partnership with the LGU sector. In fact, LANDBANK today is as the largest source of financing for LGUs nationwide, and this award is a testament of our combined efforts to build a progressive countryside.

Recognitions like these inspire us all the more to remain focused and committed in pursuing our goals. In sharing this achievement with our LGU partners, we hope that they too will continue to uphold the welfare of their constituents and serve with steadfast fervor and dedication.

Again, thank you and may ADFIAP remain to be a major catalyst of sustainable economic, environmental and social development in the Asia-Pacific region.