Susana Laulu, Chief Executive Officer, Development Bank of Samoa

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1. From your perspective, why do you think the SDGs are important for DFIs as a way
Answer: DFIs play a critical role in sustainable economic and social inclusive development.

2. From where your institution operates, how do you think these SDGs will impact inclusive
development in your country through your DFI?
Answer: SDGs will enable financing opportunities that will support inclusive development for social enhancement and through engagement in sustainable economic development projects.

3. What projects have your institution financed /supported that are in line with the SDGs?
(e.g., in the areas of poverty reduction, clean energy, sustainable cities and communities,
responsible consumption and production, clean water and sanitation, etc.). Please list as many
specific projects as possible.
Answer: Sustainable agriculture, tourism, fishing, SME, micro credit financing, health centre, school buildings, etc

4. Please provide additional insights or suggestions for ADFIAP to undertake in relation to
DFIs and SDGs.
Answer: DFIs have their own respective mandates and initiatives to support SDGs. ADFIAP can facilitate initiatives to enhance DFIs role, build partnerships to enable affordable credit financing, conduct impact assessment of DFI contribution to the SDGs and build capacity to address climate change on the role of financier and developer.

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