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2012, 35th ADFIAP Annual Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey

ADFIAP 35th Annual Meetings

Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

On behalf of ADFIAP, I wish to invite our members, partners and colleagues in the development banking
community to join us in Istanbul, Turkey for the 35th ADFIAP Annual Meeytings on April 25-27, 2012 with
our gracious host, the Development Bank of Turkey.
The Association’s annual meetings, which comprise the general assembly meeting, the board meeting,
delegate-meets-delegate sessions, the ADFIAP Awards, the conference proper, and many other social
and cultural activities, provide delegates a more relaxed environment to learn from, network with, and
know more of each other.

This year’s gathering will be special as this will be held in the historic and beautiful metropolis of
Istanbul, the only city in the world that is situated in two continents of Asia and Europe. It is doubly
special because the adopted theme of the conference, “DFI’s Role in Sustainable Development amidst
the Economic Crisis”, is very much relevant to ADFIAP and its members which have, more than ever,
gained recognition for and appreciation of their essential role in national and regional sustainable
development during this time of lingering financial and economic crisis.

I thank the Development Bank of Turkey for their kind support and warm hospitality in bringing us
together in this auspicious time for our Association and its members.

I look forward to meeting you all in Istanbul!

Chief Executive Officer/Director
DFCC Bank, Sri Lanka
and Chairman, Association of Development Financing
Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP)

Message from the host financial institution

Message from the Host

I would like to welcome you to Istanbul and as Development Bank of Turkey we are honored to organize
and coordinate the event. It is our pleasure to invite members, participants and guests to the 35th
ADFIAP meetings.

Istanbul is one of the oldest citiies in the world, different civilizations, cultures and religions survived in
Istanbul throughout years. ?stanbul connected them together and bridged two continents. Ancient and
modern live side by side in this magnificient city.

We hope to make Adfiap 2012 an inspiring and exciting event for all of you. Stimulating discussions as
well as a lively social program taking you to the amazing beauties and cultural riches of Istanbul will be
waiting for you!

Acting General Manager
Development Bank of Turkey