Country Host Program

The Country Host Programme is ADFIAP’s way of assisting chief executive officers and senior officers of member-banks in their travel concerns in cooperation with the local host-member. This includes arranging business meetings or appointments and provision of a temporary office/message center while the CEO or senior officer is busy attending to his appointments.

Briefly, this is how it works:

  1. The host country will arrange business meetings or appointments of the visiting CEO or senior officer.
  2. The host country will provide a temporary office/message center while the visiting CEO/senior officer is busy with his appointments.
  3. The host country provides necessary information services needed by the visiting CEO/senior officer to ensure optimum results in his business mission (e.g. airport arrangements/travel advisories/visa requirements/hotel and transportation arrangements/country profile/institution profile, etc.)

ADFIAP Country-Host Program at Work

Footages from CHP in Istanbul/Ankara, Turkey Visit of Board Members from Sabah Credit Corp

Footages from CHP in Manila (Visit of Sabah Credit Corp. Staff)



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