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Strategic Plan


ADFIAP as Community: Inclusive, Involved, Innovative

thus aims to take off from the success of the first plan and with the above – mentioned four key developments in mind. To this end, ADFIAP believes that a strong, cohesive and unified approach to tackling these challenges going forward is to use “community” as its strategy.

Associations exist because of its members and not the other way around. The members’ sense of community is the essential driver in an Association’s success. The experience of community has four central elements.


A feeling of belonging or sharing present or potential relatedness. Associations provide a space for people to connect around shared identity and relatedness.

Shared emotional connection

Trust on the part of members that they have shared and will share history or experiences. Although people do not typically join Associations with friendship as a primary goal, the Association membership saves them the trouble and the risk of screening colleagues, assuring the member that another member is “one of us.”

Integration and fulfillment of needs

Confidence that membership in the group will fulfill needs and expectations. Associations accomplish this by providing members with venues for learning, advocacy, and interpersonal exchange.


A sense that one matters and that what one does makes a difference. Associations enact this as voice, in the form of advocacy. People want to know they have influence in the Association, too, that leaders will listen to and value what they have to say.

In this context, the following strategic directions or SPARK for ADFIAP that will boost the Association for the next 5 (five) years:

Sustaining membership
Promoting advocacy
Advancing human capital development
Revving up resources
Keeping alliances