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ADFIAP Membership

Why join ADFIAP

Categories of Memberships

Membership shall be open to financial institutions/banks engaged in the financing of development, whether industrial, service, or other productive sectors of the economy.

The Association shall have the following types of membership:

  • Institutions in Asia and the Pacific engaged in the financing of development as a significant activity
  • Regional or sub-regional financial institutions in Asia and the Pacific;
  • International organizations within or outside the Asia-Pacific region with which the Association may decide to establish and maintain a relationship for the purpose of international or regional cooperation.
  • Other financial institutions and organizations within or outside the region, given Observer Status by the ADFIAP Board of Directors on a case-to-case basis.
  • Public and private institutions, non-government organizations and individuals that support the purpose and mission of ADFIAP and are willing to pay membership dues or contribution to assist the Association financially.
  • Institutions with provincial or state-wide operations on the recommendation of a member-institution in that country.
  • Organizations and other financial institutions, including commercial banks with units or departments that cater to development-oriented activities such as SME banking, microfinance, environmental lending, housing finance, and related undertaking.
  • Individuals who have performed outstanding services in the field of development banking, or who have been closely connected with the profession of development banking or have served ADFIAP for many years, may be conferred with Honorary Membership by the General Assembly.

Membership Process

A. Ordinary, Special, Sponsor, Associate and Honorary Membership shall be acquired in the following manner:

  • eligible institutions seeking Ordinary membership in the Association shall submit applications to the Secretary General of the Association in the approved form;
  • eligible institutions seeking Special, Sponsor/Sustaining and Associate membership shall likewise submit applications to the Secretary General;
  • applications for Ordinary membership shall be considered and approved by the Board of Directors, while applications for membership in the Special, Sponsor/Sustaining and Associate categories shall be considered and approved by the General Secretariat, subject to the confirmation of the Board of Directors.
  • the Secretary General shall submit applications for membership to the Board of Directors;
  • upon approval of membership, or otherwise, the Secretary General shall inform the applicant-institution of the decision of the Board of Directors within 30 days at which the decision was made;
  • the decision of the Board of Directors shall be final, subject to the overriding authority of the General Assembly; and in the case of Associate Members, application should have the endorsement of an Ordinary Member in the country to which the prospective member belongs.

B. Ordinary, Special, Sponsor and Associate members shall pay annually such membership fees as may be prescribed by the General Assembly from time to time.

C. Honorary members shall not pay any membership fees.

Benefits of Membership

  • Representation in the General Assembly of  90 financial institutions engaged in the financing of sustainable development in 40 countries and territories in  Asia & the Pacific
  • Membership in the Board of Directors of the Association
  • Affiliation with theWorld Federation of Development Financing Institutions, representing Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East
  • Contacts to the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, United Nations agencies and other international organizations
  • Entitlement to the Country Host Programme to facilitate business, travel and investment opportunities
  • Professional recognition of outstanding achievements in development through the ADFIAP Awards Programme
  • Lifetime membership as an Honorary Member
  • Professional training and accreditation to the Asia-Pacific Institute of Development Finance, the only learning and career development center of its kind in the region
  • Participation in CEO Seminars, specialized training programs and technical assistance projects of the International bilateral and multilateral development institutions.
  • Access to consulting and advisory services from experts worldwide through the ADFIAP Consulting group
  • Opportunities for institutional visits, on-the-job training, and knowledge exchange with member-banks and affiliates
  • Access to e-learning programs and facilities on the Internet
  • Opportunities to travel, meet with peers and VIPs in the finance industry, and experience cultural exchange events
  • Personal, print and on-line access to business opportunities, information exchange and networking
  • Access to Internet resources and service facility portals such as ADFIAP.orgSME Finance Initiative, Environmental Governance Standards,
    and Corporate Governance
  • Access to state-of-the-art banking, trade and business management solutions
  • Complimentary subscription to publications, newsletters, surveys and technical reports on development bank management and operational issues
  • Participation in business missions, conferences, meetings and projects
  • Use of a modern and fully-equipped office and business center in Manila for visits to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and other Philippine-based international organizations