IDF conducts credit risk management seminar for loan officers

Risk Based copyADFIAP’s Asia-Pacific Institute of Development Finance (IDF) conducted the “International Seminar-Workshop on Risk-Based Credit Appraisal and Management” on April 11-15, 2016 at the St. Giles Hotel in Manila, Philippines, with twelve (12) attending participants from ADFIAP members countries in Bhutan, Fiji, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.
The 5-day program was designed for those involved in the various stages of credit analysis and management. It was focused on the assessment of credit risks of loan proposals by providing a sound foundation for upgrading the credit skills and practical appraisal methods of loan officers used to traditional credit analysis techniques by teaching a new learning paradigm of assessing credit risks of loan proposals.

The program was also developed to equip the participants with practical quantitative and qualitative techniques of assessing credit risks of small, medium and large projects.

The topics that were covered during the seminar were: Overview of the Risk Management Process; The Seven (7) Risk Hurdles; Credit Risk Management System; Critical Points to Remember in the Credit Risk Management; Credit Risk Management; Best SME Lending Practices; Management Risk Assessment; Market Risk Assessment; Technical Risk Assessment; Assessing Credit Risk; Validation of Financial Statement; and Financial Ratios.

The resource persons of the seminar were the members of the ADFIAP Consulting Group headed by Ms. Cora Conde; Atty. Alberto Reyno; Ms. Arlene Orencia, Ms. Cecille Ibarra, Ms. Emy Chavez, and Ms. Cristy Aquino.
For more details of the seminar, please contact the ADFIAP Secretariat or email Ms. Sandra Honrado at [email protected].