ADFIAP participates in EU SWITCH-Asia seminar and networking event

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ADFIAP, lead partner in the EU-funded SWITCH Asia project, “Asian Cleantech MSME Financing Network”(ACMFN) and partner in two other SWITCH Asia projects, the “SMEs for Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency (SMART Myanmar 2) and the “Switch to High Efficiency Motors” (HEMs), was invited to act as speaker and panelist at the SWITCH-Asia Seminar on Measuring and Reporting of Project Results and Networking with Regional Finance Institutions organized by the SWITCH-Asia Network Facility and held on May 15-17, 2017 at Grande Centre Point Terminal 21, in Bangkok, Thailand.
The objective of the 3-day seminar was to support the SWITCH-Asia grant projects in documenting and reporting results or outcomes, in enhancing project visibility, and in informing project representatives on financing opportunities via “blending mechanisms.”
The event was meant for the 95 ongoing projects and their respective EU Delegations (EUDs) as the contracting agencies for SWITCH-Asia projects. The Network Facility also facilitated a dialogue between the grant projects and their respective EUDs with respect to the project’s logical framework and result indicators.
The seminar also supported the current and future SWITCH-Asia projects in creating ownership of the development priorities in their respective countries, having focus on results, ensuring partnerships of all actors while recognizing the diversity, and complementarity of their functions. The seminar further supported the creation of transparency and shared responsibility among stakeholders. In addition, with the inclusion of access to finance options, the financial sustainability of SWITCH-Asia projects is now envisioned to become a reality.
ADFIAP representatives, Ms. Corazon D. Conde, Head of ADFIAP Consulting and Mr. Victor Abainza, Senior Consultant, presented “ADFIAP’s Role in Improving Access to Finance for Three Switch Asia Projects”, highlighting the financing components of the projects and the potential opportunities from the ACMFN project (India, Indonesia and China); SMART Myanmar 2, (Myanmar); and HEMS( Philippines). Also presented were the common challenges across the 3 projects, the strategy to overcome these challenges, and the green financing schemes and support mechanisms to advance SME access to finance. Ms. Conde was also invited to join the panel discussion on the complementation between SWITCH-Asia and the financial institutions in scaling up access to finance for SWITCH-Asia projects.
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