AC, EStorm Technologies mull SME access to finance workshop

ADFIAP Consulting (AC) recently met with Singapore-based EStorm Technologies in the city state to discuss, among others, a possible joint workshop on “SME Access to Finance” to be conducted in Singapore. The AC Team of Atty. Alberto Reyno, AC Managing Partner, Ms. Arlene S. Orencia, Head, AC Projects and Programs and Ms. Cecilia M. Ibarra, Head, AC Advocacy and Training, met with EStorm’s Mr. Scott Sproule, Director, and Ms. Eka Madiarti, Sales Director.

The workshop, which is part of a series of ADFIAP advocacy events for small and medium enterprise (SME) development in the region, aims to provide small and medium entrepreneurs with an overview of what the bank looks into in the evaluation of SME loan applications and to introduce a new technology that would help them organize and systematize their business processes as well as enhance their financial and operational efficiency, and consequently, their bankability.

The AC Team has conducted similar workshops together with ESTORM in Manila and Colombo. EStorm Technologies Pte Ltd. is a one-stop business solutions provider for end customers and for both wireless and wireline broadband service providers.

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