ADFIAP attends official launch of EU grant project’s ESCO series

EU launchedADFIAP, represented by the ADFIAP Consulting Group’s Atty. Alberto B. Reyno and Ms. Arlene S. Orencia, attended the official launch of the “SWITCH HEMS Business Development Series for ESCOs” (energy service or energy savings company) held at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on July 11, 2016. ADFIAP is an implementing partner of the EU grant-funded “SWITCH Asia High Efficiency Motors (HEMS) Project”.

The launch was attended in by 42 participants that included a second batch of 15 companies involved in various businesses such as engineering and other technical services, consulting and trading. These companies plan to join the SWITCH HEMs project by getting into the ESCO business and be involved in the implementation of the project. Aside from the presentation of the HEMS project, the Energy Efficiency Concept and the ESCO Concept and Model, the event was highlighted by presentation on equity financing as an alternative source of funding for HEMs projects.

Resource speakers from the project team were Messrs. Marvin Ryan G. Bathan and Raymond Marquez, Project Manager and Consultant, respectively, of the SWITCH HEMS project. The other speakers were Mr. Coy Navarro, ADB Consultant (Ecosystem Approach to Project Incubation), Mr. Mathias Jaeggi of Impact Hub Manila (Impact Hub Sustainable Energy Solutions), Ms. Laurie Navarro of PFAN Philippines (PFAN Investor Matchmaking), Ms. Nicole Paterno of 1,000 Angels (Angel Investors) and Mr. Rommel Benig, an ESCO partner (A Systems Approach to Energy Efficiency).

The HEMS project will tap, among others, ESCOs in converting regular motors into high-efficiency motors to achieve savings through operational efficiency. ESCOs provide a broad range of energy solutions, including designs and implementation of energy savings projects, retrofitting, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation, energy supply and risk management. ESCOs start by performing an analysis of the project, designs an energy efficient solution, installs the required elements and maintains the system to ensure energy savings during the payback period. The savings in energy costs are often used to pay back the capital investment of the project over a period of time.

The HEMS project, led by the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines (IIEE), is a 4-year capacity-building program that aims to increase energy efficiency of electricity-intensive industries and achieve reduction in electricity consumption as well as to reduce contribution of industries in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Specifically, the HEMS project aims to increase the deployment of more efficient electric motors and drive systems in Philippine industries. The other partners of the HEMS project aside from ADFIAP include the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP), Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation, Inc. (ASSIST), Association Action for Sustainable Development, and the International Copper Association of South East Asia (ICASEA).

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