ADFIAP Awards 2006: Call for Nomination

ADFIAP is pleased to announce the opening of the submission of entries to the ADFIAP Awards 2006 which recognizes exemplary achievements of member-institutions for the “Outstanding Development Projects” Award as well as the Distinguished Person”; the Outstanding CEO” Awards; and the Special Awards for the Best Annual Report and Best Website.

The ADFIAP Awards, given annually, consist of both institutional and individual awards. The institutional awards – the ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Award recognizes and honors member-banks which have undertaken and/or assisted projects that have created a development impact in their respective countries. Awards are given to members, which in the judgment of the ADFIAP Awards Board, have implemented or enhanced outstanding and innovative development projects during the immediate past year. The individual awards, on the other hand, consist of two main awards, namely, the “Outstanding CEO Award” and the “Distinguished Person Award”.

The “Outstanding CEO Award” is given to a practicing chief executive officer whose singular talent, leadership, vision and achievement, in the judgment of the Awards Board, stands out among the other nominees for the award. Without focusing on the size of the institution, the judges will be assessing the stature of the individual, the positive effect that the person’s leadership has had on his or her institution, and the impact his/her decisions have had on the development banking profession, in particular, and on the development of the country, in general.

The “Distinguished Person Award” is a lifetime achievement award given to a person who has, in his or her chosen career, excelled and made a mark in the country or internationally and for his/her outstanding accomplishment(s) in the field of development, in general, and in the development banking profession, in particular.

For nomination forms and criteria for the awards, please go the ADFIAP website at or email Ms. Sandy Lim at [email protected]

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