ADFIAP, DBJ, JERI Organize SME Study Tour Program

ADFIAP, in cooperation with the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) and the Japan Economic Research Institute (JERI), conducted a successful study tour program on SME and development finance for a delegation of eight senior officers from ADFIAP members in Bhutan, Fiji, Malaysia, Palau, Turkey and Vietnam from November 8-10, 2006 in Tokyo, Japan.

The program exposed the participants to Japanese best practices by presenting new approaches and strategies on SME financing; deepened the participants’ knowledge and understanding of SME management through visits to Japanese SME factories; and provided a platform for the participants to exchange views and ideas on SME development and the important roles that DFIs play in the promotion of SME development in their respective countries.

DBJ and JERI presented their respective key operational areas and cooperation activities while the National Life finance Corporation (NLFC), a government-owned, policy-based finance institution, presented its role and approach in supporting Japanese SMEs.

Mr. Hisao Ochi, DBJ Senior Executive Director, officially opened the program while ADFIAP Secretary General, Mr. Octavio B. Peralta, made a welcome and introductory remarks. Messrs. Zenya Yamazaki and Eishi Yasunaga, Director Generals of DBJ’s Department of International Affairs and JERI’s International Bureau, respectively, the main representatives of their institutions to the program, also attended the brief opening ceremony.

The study tour is this year’s third event organized by the ADFIAP Events team, the first was for the Sabah Credit Corporation’s staff exposure and study tour program in Manila in September and the second, the microfinance study tour program also in Manila for the Micro Development Finance Fund of Mongolia in October.

ADFIAP Events is the Association’s business unit that specializes in organizing and managing specific and demand-driven activities aside from the formal training and credentialing courses offered by the its Institute of Development Finance (IDF). These activities include conferences, symposia, exhibits & expos, study tours, on-the-job programs, etc. ADFIAP members as well as non-members/potential members who wish to be assisted by the ADFIAP Events team may please contact Ms. Sandy Lim, Membership Executive, at [email protected]

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