ADFIAP launches A-NEX

ADFIAP has launched A-NEX during the 35th ADFIAP Annual Meetings in Istanbul, Turkey. A-NEX is the acronym for ADFIAP Networking, Education and eXchange, a single point of access and a gateway to e-learning resources and community activities which has been developed by the Association considering the geographic locations of ADFIAP members and its desire to share knowledge and capacity-building programs for its members in a cost effective way.

Among the notable features of the A-NEX include the discussion board which initiate topics and allows for participation in discussions without being online all at the same time; real-time chat lets members to engage and discuss with each other all at the same time; directory connects members and send email messages to other members directly on the portal without having to log-out to use another program; personal post updates one another with personal messages and share materials to a limited circle of followers; calendar which reminds members of important dates and events; events provides members a list of activities such as seminars, meetings and offline training sessions; and resource materials which provides access and share knowledge resources.

Check A-NEX out at this link: For more information, please email the ADFIAP Secretariat at [email protected].

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