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ADFIAP successfully concludes its 44th Annual Meeting semi-hybrid

ADFIAP successfully concluded its 44th Annual Meeting semi-hybrid on October 27 and 28, 2021 with 300 attendees from its current membership of 87 member-DFIs in 36 countries and territories. Its official FB page has reached more than 8,000 views. It was the first semi-hybrid annual meeting that ADFIAP held over its 45 years of existence due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Themed, “DFIs and Post-Pandemic Opportunities and Thrusts,” A DFI Community Knowledge Exchange, attending member-institutions based on the sub-regional locations, were given the opportunity and made a presentation on the topic based on their situation.
National development finance institutions (DFIs), as instruments of public good created by governments, have been tasked to help stem the crisis. As DFIs adapted, learned, and coped based on their reports during last year’s annual meeting of ADFIAP, a silver lining is in sight as forward paths have been made and new opportunities have been discovered.
A few common responses that DFIs have made revolve around helping governments in their economic stimulus packages, providing relief measures to their borrowers, and mobilizing additional funds to increase liquidity in the market. Cross-cutting areas moving ahead cover digital transformation and use of innovative technologies, people up-skilling, partnership and collaboration, implementation of the SDGs and the climate agenda as well as focus on agriculture/food security, logistics, housing, infrastructure, and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Despite the trials of the present time, the region has proven its resilience to futureproofing and sustainable development.
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