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CGC’s Datuk Mohd Zamree Mohd Ishak is ADFIAP CEO-of-the-Year Awardee

For his sterling performance in steering the success of the Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad (CGC), Datuk Mohd Zamree Mohd Ishak, CGC President and Chief Executive Officer, was chosen as the 2018 ADFIAP CEO-of-the-Year awardee.

Under the leadership of Datuk Zamree, CGC has championed the national agenda of financial inclusion through the transformation of the corporation via a 5-year strategic plan (2016-2020) with the objective of empowering the underserved/unbanked segment as well as in providing Malaysian SMEs with an online financing platform that matches their DNAs.

Upon his appointment in January 2015, Datuk Zamree kicked-off the transformation plan of CGC by introducing its 5-year Strategic Plan which revolves around four (4) strategic objectives: repositioning CGC to become more proactive and relevant, ensuring sustainable growth, enhancing human capital, and instituting operational efficiency and effectiveness. With this strategic plan, CGC aspires “to be the household name for SMEs by 2020.”

In enhancing the outreach to the underserved/unbanked segment, CGC under the leadership of Datuk Zamree, has introduced products such as “BizWanita-i for women entrepreneurs and BizMula-i for start-up businesses segment. As a result of these new and existing products, CGC achieved a notable guarantee/financing approval growth rate of 5.7% in 2015 to double digit growth of 24% in 2016.

With the support of the Central Bank of Malaysia, CGC has also developed and recently launched an online SME Loan/Financing platform called “imSME” as a game changer to address the information gaps and time consuming processes faced by Malaysian SMEs regarding financing. Also, under his watch, CGC has received plenty of accolades and recognition from the industry, notably the “Best Annual Report of Non-Listed Organizations” in the National Annual Corporate Report Awards ceremony, “The Brand Laureate Transformational Organization Brand Award 2015-2016”, and “The Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards 2016 under the service category by MERCER.

Congratulations, Datuk Zamree!


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