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GA re-elects 10 Board Members

The ADFIAP General Assembly (GA) has re-elected ten (10) Ordinary (voting) Members to the Board of Directors during the 19th Ordinary Meeting of the GA on April 22, 2011 held in conjunction with the 34th ADFIAP Annual Meetings. The GA is the highest body that meets every two years to elect the Board of Directors of the Association and passes upon organizational matters.

The re-elected Board Members were: Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam; Business Development Bank of Canada; Development Bank of Kazakhstan; Development Bank of Samoa; Development Bank of Turkey; Fiji Development Bank; House Building Finance Corporation; Oman Development Bank; Planters Development Bank; and SME Development Bank of Thailand.

The ADFIAP Board is composed of not more than 30 duly-elected voting Ordinary Members of the Association that elect from among them the Chairman, three Vice-Chairmen and the Treasurer. The Secretary General is an ex-officio member of the Board. Not more than half of the elected members of the Board of Directors shall retire by rotation for reelection. No member shall serve for more than four successive years before retiring and being eligible for reelection. There are presently 21 members of the Board.


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