The Annual Meetings Logo Described

The Annual Meetings logo, designed by the event host, DFCC Bank of Sri Lanka, is a composition of several elements that embody the culture and spirit of Sri Lanka. It is a composite of lotus flower, a blue water lily, a lion, and sheaves of rice grain.

The story behind the lotus is as big as the flower itself. The fact that such a beautiful flower can be borne in the mud is symbolic of how purity has to defeat the base human nature it is entrenched in. Each of the seven flowers newborn Prince Siddhartha stepped on, were lotuses. So today, in addition to being considered the most acceptable and purest sacrifice at a temple, lotus flowers are an essential part of every important ceremony in Sri Lanka.

The lion’s meaning to the Sri Lankans goes deeper than its pride and leadership. The 2000-year-old Srin Lankan race itself was named after the lion. The lion with an unsheathed sword has been placed in the center of the lotus flower, so as a whole, it embodies what it is to be born a Sri Lankan. It is a way of life that will always be peaceful, gentle, rich in color and in culture, but fearless at heart.

The sheaves of rice grain cradling the logo embody the key sustaining forces of a country where rice farming is second nature. Prosperity is associated with the fatness of the rice grains. The way all grains lean toward the stalk symbolize togetherness.

The blue water lily, one of the most beautiful of flowers, has long been associated with Sri Lankan folk life. The women in the Sigiriya frescos, perhaps best bring out this close age-old association. Seen in shallow waterways all over the country, the water lily has carried with it a character of playfulness, and the beauty of being Sri Lankan. Traditionally kept under the pillow for sweet dreams, this national flower of Sri Lanka has been placed under the logo, to once more scent a dream of a different kind.

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