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ADFIAP and Agricultural Public Development Bank (PDB) cluster of Finance in Common discusses collaboration to boost agricultural finance

A screenshot of a video conference

February 19, 2024: To boost agricultural finance and advance sustainable development, ADFIAP and the Agricultural Public Development Bank cluster of Finance in Common, represented by Mr. Christian Fussilier, Mr. Mohamed Ali Trabelsi, and Mr. Thierry Latreille from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), met to explore potential collaborations. This meeting marked a significant step forward in fostering synergy between two major players in agricultural sustainability and sustainable development.

The talks centered around finding common interests and ways to work together to increase the financial support for agricultural projects. The main focus was on making these projects more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive for everyone involved in the agricultural ecosystem. The meeting stressed the significance of collaboration in promoting sustainable agriculture and pointed out that working together could lead to new ideas, sharing knowledge, and building capacity across different types of farming areas.

The meeting set the stage for creating a non-financial agreement between the PDB cluster and ADFIAP. This agreement will outline specific areas where the two organizations will collaborate in the future. Through this agreement, they plan to establish a structured system for sharing knowledge, best practices, and technical expertise. Additionally, they aim to work together on addressing important challenges such as adapting to climate change, improving rural livelihoods, and developing agricultural value chains.

As ADFIAP and the agricultural PDB cluster get ready to finalize their collaboration, a new phase of cooperation is poised to enhance agricultural finance mechanisms, empower rural communities, and contribute to achieving sustainable development goals in the agricultural sector.


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