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SFD’s impactful investments spark transformation in Gambia

The Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) has been instrumental in financing 19 development projects in The Gambia, amounting to over $215 million, according to Faisal Bin Muhammad Al-Kahtani, Deputy CEO of SFD. These projects have significantly impacted sectors such as water and sanitation, energy, education, and transportation in the country.

Al-Kahtani highlighted the SFD’s pride in contributing $10 million to the construction of Lot 1 of the University of The Gambia’s development project at the Faraba Banta Campus. Speaking at the project’s inauguration ceremony, he emphasized the transformative power of education, stating that educational funding goes beyond infrastructure to empower communities and foster sustainable development.

The newly inaugurated university campus is envisioned not only as a hub for higher education but also as a center for scientific research and the cultivation of a skilled Gambian workforce. Al-Kahtani underscored the significance of the university in advancing The Gambia’s education sector and nurturing a generation of professionals poised to contribute to various sectors, including healthcare, technology, and entrepreneurship.

The completion of the Faraba Banta Campus project is emblematic of the strong development partnership between Saudi Arabia and The Gambia, reflecting a shared commitment to sustainable growth and socio-economic advancement. Al-Kahtani expressed gratitude for the collaboration with the Gambian government, affirming the university’s role as a beacon of knowledge and opportunity for the nation and the wider region.

As the SFD continues to invest in development projects, particularly in education, it reaffirms its dedication to supporting The Gambia’s progress and fostering a brighter future for its citizens. This investment not only enhances infrastructure but also lays the foundation for long-term socio-economic development and prosperity in The Gambia.


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