DBJ develops Green Building Certification

The Development Bank of Japan, Inc (DBJ)., through its  President and CEO, Toru Hashimoto, conferred DBJ Green Building Certification to “Logi Port Sagamihara, jointly developed by LaSalle Investment Management and Mitsubishi Estate Co, Ltd,  located in Chou-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kaganawa, Co. Ltd. The Green Building Certification System has been developed by DBJ to assess building’s designs in terms of the present age.  DBJ aims to promote buildings that exhibit environmental and social awareness, including aspects of tenant comfort, convenience, disaster-prevention and anticrime measures.  DBJ also supports real state owners’ activities to meet the social requirements of various stakeholders, asset managers and investors.  DBJ commended the “Logi Port Sagamihara” on the following points:  environment-friendly equipment, (e.g., LED lighting, solar power generation panels), efficient floor designs, convenient facilities specified for potential tenants, seismic base isolation for tenants’ business continuity, and eco friendly operations.

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