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ARDB’s drone-powered rice farming revolutionizes  Cambodia’s Prey Veng Province agricultural sector 

In a groundbreaking endeavor, the Agricultural and Rural Development Bank (ARDB) has achieved resounding success with its pilot project of a drone-powered rice-growing operation in Prey Veng province. Utilizing modern technology and a foreign paddy rice variety, the ARDB has successfully cultivated 5 hectares of fields, marking a significant step forward in the evolution of agricultural practices in the region.

ARDB director-general Kao Thach recently inspected the project’s results and utilized drones for sowing seeds, substantially reducing seed usage. The successful sample harvest has paved the way for the potential distribution of this innovative rice seed variety to other communities in the province, promising to transform local farming practices.

The implementation of drone technology for seed sowing has revolutionized the process, resulting in a considerable reduction in seed requirement to only 30kg per hectare, as opposed to the 200kg to 250kg required for manual sowing. Furthermore, this project has significantly decreased the necessity for fertilizers, emphasizing its sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.

This success story not only underscores the importance of leveraging modern technology in agriculture but also demonstrates the potential for collaboration between financial institutions, farmers, and local partners to drive positive change. With the fertile soil and favorable conditions in Prey Veng province, the stage is set for a potential revolution in rice cultivation, offering hope for enhanced food security and economic growth.

ARDB is researching replication to benefit nearby farming communities, exciting possibilities for resilient, low-maintenance, and high-quality crops.




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