ASKI trains out-of-school youth, unemployed men

Alalay sa Kaunlaran Inc (ASKI), through the project dubbed as “Men at Work”, provides training to the out-of-school youth and unemployed men in the communities. The beneficiaries are those on the bottom of the socio-economic hierarchy. Through the program, the beneficiaries are becoming productive individuals and provided with the capacity to seek employment based on their developed skills. In summary, the project enables ASKI to provide development on the following aspect: Economic – providing skills training and development through TESDA accredited technical-vocational courses. National Certification (NC II) is an advantage when seeking for employment among skilled workers; Social – providing social-development interventions such as confidence building, personality development and values formation; Spiritual – the program also promotes spiritual growth among beneficiaries.

With the implementation of the program in 2016, ASKI was able to produce 60 graduates (40 first batch; 20 second batch) for Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) (NCII), Electrical Installation (NCII) and Heavy Equipment Operation (NCII) in collaboration with TESDA.

The program created huge impact on the families of the beneficiaries because they were able to overcome all their insecurities and apprehension. Economically, the program has provided job opportunities for them.


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