EDB plans to invest $100 million per year in Armenian projects

At a press conference in Almaty, Denis Ilyin, Deputy Chairman of the EDB Board, stated that the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) can invest an average of $100 million per year in Armenian projects. The EDB’s 2022-2026 country strategy called for a total investment of $180 million in Armenian projects.
These projects include the construction of a network of 100-megawatt solar power plants (approximately $37 million), the modernization of an energy metering device manufacturing plant, and the construction of a full-cycle farm for livestock and dairy product production with delivery to restaurant chains and shops (approximately $25 million). Ilyin confirmed receiving applications from private businesses and the government in Armenia.
The deputy director stated that the EDB saw a significant increase in the economic activity of Armenia in all areas this year.

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