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NHB, AFD, and EU consider the development of Green and Affordable housing

On July 25, 2022, the National Housing Bank (NHB) organized the last ceremony to highlight SUNREF’s (Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Energy Financing) contributions to India’s green housing program. CRISIL Risk and Infrastructure Solutions (CRIS) Limited provided technical assistance for the UNREF program.

The SUNREF India Housing Programme provided refinancing of about €100 million to 5,300 households over the past three years, and the goal is to scale up green, affordable housing projects in India. The NHB’s initiative is to improve the nation’s supply of affordable green housing as more than 60% of these homes are owned by women, and 50% are lower income or economically disadvantaged. This program is consistent with the Indian government’s plans to combat climate change. Twenty training programs and six events have been conducted over the last three years, educating more than 1,500 people on various green housing concepts.

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