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Pag IBIG Fund: Promoting good governance to stakeholders, employees

Practicing good governance brings a lot of benefits, not only to the organization practicing it, but also to its stakeholders, constituents, members, donors and funders.

The Philippines’ Pag-IBIG Fund (Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) knows very well the value of good governance and its benefits that is why it designed the program “Promotion of Integrity Practices and Good Governance among Pag-IBIG Fund stakeholders”.

In time with the 35th Anniversary of the Fund in 2015, it conducted a series of signing of the ‘Integrity Pledge and Governance and Integrity’ Forum for Pag-IBIG Fund stakeholders in five venues in the Philippines – Cebu City, Calamba City, Davao City, City of San Fernando in Pampanga, and Makati City. The series of signings generated a total of 251 stakeholders who signed the Integrity Pledge on behalf of their respective companies, agencies or associations.

The signing and the forum conducted by the Fund have widened the reach of the Integrity Pledge by gathering its stakeholders and orienting them on the concepts of governance and Integrity and on the importance of giving their commitments to practicing integrity when dealing with the Fund, starting with their recitation and signing of the Integrity Pledge.

This program of the Pag-IBIG Fund started as early as October 2012 when its President & CEO, Atty. Darlene Berberabe, signed the Integrity Pledge under the Integrity Initiative implemented by the Makati Business Club and the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines. As a signatory, the Fund pledges to combat graft, uphold ethical standard, promote transparency, punish erring employees of all ranks, and deal only with reputable entities in procurement activities. As a result of this program, the Fund received positive responses from its stakeholders and employees.

Pag-IBIG Fund’s “Promotion of Integrity Practices and Good Governance among Pag-IBIG Fund Stakeholders” was winner of the 2016 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Award under the Corporate Governance Category.


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