SME Bank Malaysia: Highlighting successful SMEs via a TV program

When it comes to SME development, the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank Malaysia Berhad (SME Bank) is always top of mind. The Bank has been continuously innovating and developing programs that benefit SMEs. One such program that the Bank has recently launched was the “SUKSES” (SUCCESS) TV Programme, an avenue for in-depth discussion on issues and challenges faced by the SME entrepreneurs and sharing their success stories.

The program is an intervention initiative of SME Bank to nurture and develop the champions of Malaysia’s SMEs. It is also a platform for an intellectual discourse on issues pertaining to SMEs, its development, challenges and achievements. Furthermore, it is also an avenue for the entrepreneurs to promote their products and services without incurring an exceptional high media cost if they were to do it on their own, and serves as a platform to inculcate the culture of entrepreneurship amongst Malaysians, especially the next generation entrepreneurs. The program is also an initiative of SME Bank to support the Government’s agenda of increasing SME GDP contribution to 41% by the year 2020.

SME Bank’s “Sukses TV Programme” won ADFIAP’s 2018 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Award, under the SME Development Category.


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