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Presented by: Jean-Pierre MARCELLI
Regional Director for South-East Asia
Agence Francaise de Development

The Agence française de développement (AFD) group has been carrying out France’s development and international solidarity policies for climate, biodiversity, peace, education, urban planning, health, and governance. By 2021, the group had 1,000 new projects with high social and environmental impacts in 115 French overseas territories. They also launched 78,000 days of expert services in 2021 to support France’s commitment to contribute to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of countries.

AFD has 1000 new development projects across all sectors in Southeast Asia, with three strategic priorities in 2020 aligned with the group’s goals. The South East Asian region faces numerous challenges, including high levels of greenhouse gas emissions, vulnerability to the effects of climate change, threatened marine environments and biodiversity, and persistent social inequalities. Low-carbon transitions and territorial resilience must be encouraged to preserve sustainable management of terrestrial and marine environments, mitigate social imbalances, and reduce inequalities.

The AFD approach to transforming financial systems and development pathways is to promote access to tailored and diverse financial offerings while also strengthening the financial system’s architecture to ensure its stability. Supporting financial sector transformation promotes a sustainable finance model. Their strategy has a dedicated team of experts, a comprehensive range of appropriate solutions, and a diverse partner portfolio.

The group also has a variety of instruments tailored to their partners’ needs, as well as green finance instruments such as non-sovereign credit lines, public policy-based loans, technical assistance grants, investment grants, guarantees, and a green bond subscription. Over the last five years, they have implemented 80+ projects in more than 45 countries across five continents, with 125+ partnering FIs and institutional partners, with €3.0+ billion committed and €1.6 billion disbursed.

AFD has diverse instruments for the group’s green finance offer to public financial institutions, which include a technical assistance package, a dedicated green credit line, and peer learning experience and collaboration.

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