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DFCC Bank of Sri Lanka

Message from the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka

I am pleased to issue this message on the occasion of 29th Annual Meetings of the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP).

Sri Lanka is proud to host the 29th Annual Meetings of the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP).  The Association which has been in existence for three decades, has made a significant contribution by assisting its member Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in their efforts to promote economic development and enhancement of the quality of life in their respective countries.  I am happy to note that the ADFIAP has grown over the years and today counts over 64 members from 32 countries.

ADFIAP’s awareness of the context in which DFIs currently operate is amptly demonstrated through the choice of the conference theme – “DFIs: Are they Sustainable?/ Opportunities in Sustainable Investments” for the annual conference this year.  I trust that you will have fruitful deliberations on this theme and that this would result in the formulation of viable initiatives for implementation by member institutions.

It is also particularly fitting that Sri Lanka is hosting the ADFIAP Annual Meetings in the year when Sri Lanka’s pioneer DFI, the DFCC Bank is celebrating its Golden Jubillee anniversary.  The government of Sri Lanka recognize and acknowledge the contribution made by DFCC during the past fifty years in assisting the setting up and nurturing of entrepreneurial ventures in diverse economic sectors.

I am sure that this conference will be a success and trust that you will enjoy our hospitality and sample the diversity that our beautiful country has to offer its visitors.

Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka
Prime Minister of Sri Lanka


Message from the Chairman

On behalf of the ADFIAP Board of Directors, I wish to invite all members, partners and friends to join us in Colombo for the 29th ADFIAP Annual Meetings.

Our gracious host, DFCC Bank, has put together four exciting days of learning new things, sharing experiences, meeting old as well as new friends, networking with colleagues, and enjoying what the hospitable people and natural beauty of Sri Lanka have to offer. Allow me to walk you through the activities waiting for you in Colombo.

What started in Almaty in 2004 when I assumed chairmanship of the Association, the Board of Directors will again convene for a day of retreat before the main events to discuss strategic issues, particularly on how best to communicate the role and mandate of ADFIAP to its stakeholders. The Board will meet for a second time the next day to review and direct the operational aspects of the Association. This is governance at work in ADFIAP.

After these Board Meetings, the Chair will report to the General Assembly in the afternoon of the second day. The GA meeting will also be an occasion for members to provide their inputs to the betterment of the Association. Also scheduled during the meeting are presentations of some members and partners who wish to inform and update fellow members of certain developments in their institutions.

The night of the second day is the ADFIAP Awards Gala Dinner to honor members’ outstanding project nominations and the conferment of CEO-of-the-Year award. The mission of the award is to showcase the members’ institutional and individual achievements in development finance.

The third day is the Conference proper where members, invited experts and resource persons will dissect the theme, “DFIs: Are they Sustainable?/ Opportunities in Sustainable Investments”.  We are honored by the presence of the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, The Honourable Ratnasiri Wickramanayake. who will inaugurate the event.   After the conference, our host will hold the traditional Closing Dinner where the different cultures of members and guests will be the main feature of the evening.

The last day, the Fellowship Day, will be culminating event where delegates and guests relax and engage in sports and tourism to boost camaraderie and friendship.

This is the Annual Meetings in a nutshell -  packed with activities and surprises. You will find all the details of these events mentioned in this website.

look forward to personally meeting you all in Colombo!

Chairman, ADFIAP

Message from the Host – DFCC Bank

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Colombo, Sri Lanka to attend the 29th Annual Conference of the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific. DFCC Bank is proud to host this event in the year in which we celebrate our golden jubilee.

DFCC Bank (Development Finance Corporation of Ceylon as it was then called) is a founder member of ADFIAP, and over the years it has built a strong and fruitful relationship with ADFIAP.

DFCC Bank is not only the pioneer development finance institution in the country but is also one of the oldest in Asia. During its 50-year history it has played a catalytic role in financing start-up entrepreneurial ventures, both large and small in the industrial, agricultural and service sectors. Over the years we have nurtured and partnered with these enterprises, thereby helping them become significant players in the country’s economy today.

Responding proactively to the changes in our external environment, DFCC Bank has evolved itself from the narrower confines of a DFI to become a multi-product licensed specialised bank with associate and subsidiary companies in related sectors. Today, as a Group, we provide a wide range of financial services and have geared ourselves to be a significant and sustainable player in the country’s financial arena. I am sure those of you who also represent DFIs, whether in advanced, emerging or frontier economies, are similarly positioned in your respective countries.

The theme of this year’s conference is “DFIs: Are they Sustainable?” This is relevant in the current context, when in response to the changing environment many DFIs have been compelled to re-consider and re-invent their original roles. We anticipate that this conference will provide delegates with an opportunity to deliberate on this issue in-depth and benefit from each other’s experiences, thus leading to greater co-operation among the members of ADFIAP to achieve their common goals and objectives.

I would like to conclude on a congenial note. Sri Lanka is a resplendent island offering visitors a multitude of experiences due to its cultural, religious and ethnic diversity. It also offers an abundance of nature’s pleasures such as azure seas, sandy beaches, verdant hills, cascading waterfalls and tropical rain forests. In hosting this conference we have made an attempt to enable you to experience at least a fraction of it. I hope many of you will stay on or return soon to savour more of what our country has to offer.

I wish you a productive and enjoyable stay in Sri Lanka.

Nihal Fonseka
Director/Chief Executive Officer

Sri Lanka - Country Information

It was known as Thambapanni to Indians, Taprobane to Greeks and Romans, Serendib to Arab seafarers and Ceylonto the British.  Today our country is known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, is an island located on the southern tip of the Indian Sub-continent.  The diverse range of colours, tastes, fragrances and experiences it offers has tantalised many travellers, from ancient mariners and merchants to modern tourists and businessmen, who visited this tropical island.

Sri Lanka is a visitors’ paradise.  Its landscape boasts a mercurial mix of attractions such as golden beaches, foggy mountain ranges, bustling cities, quaint villages, dazzling waterfalls and assorted fauna and flora.  The abundance of archaeological assets bears testimony to the rich and ancient civilization spanning over 2,500 years that existed in this country.  This heritage, further enhanced by the influences of western colonisers, eastern traders and Indian settlers has enriched this country with a diverse potpourri of cultural, religious and ethnic influences displayed through its arts and crafts, dance and drama, festivals and costumes, architecture and multitude of mouth-watering cuisines. 


January 16, 2006

Administrative Arrangements

The Opening Ceremonies of the Annual Conference is scheduled to begin at 0830 hrs on Wednesday, 10 May 2006, at the Oak Room of Cinnamon Grand Hotel.  Delegates are requested to register starting 0800 hrs prior to the start of the Opening Ceremonies if they have not done so upon arrival.